Items (Rarity) [Value]
 Bandages Tiny Bandage (C) [5] Small Bandage (C) [7] Medium Bandage (C) [10] Large Bandage (UC) [21] Enchanted Medium Bandage (UC) [18]
Keys Chest Key (C) [0] Pirate Chest Key (UC) [0] Gate Key (UC) [0] Old Wooden Door Key (Q) [0] Gate Lock Key (Q) [0] Bandit Chest Key (C) [0]
Raider Chest Key (R) [4] Fort Hall Key (Q) [0] Deerbarrow Guard House Key (C) [2] Room 3 Inn Key (C) [0] Trohurt Key (F) [9] Reinforced Steel Chest Key (A) [79]
Old Mine Chest Key (C) [0] Ruined Land Chest Key (R) [0] Room 1 Koroti Inn Key (C) [0]
Jewellery Gold Necklace (UC) [12] Silver Ring (C) [6] Gold Ring (UC) [10] Ruby Encrusted Necklace (UC) [37]
Potions Small Mana Potion (C) [3] Medium Mana Potion (C) [6] Enchanted Large Mana Potion (R) [18] Potion of Healing I (C) [13] Potion of Healing II (C) [25] Large Mana Potion (C) [17]
Healing Flask Health Regeneration Flask I (C) [12] Health Regeneration Flask II (C) [30] Ancient Healing Flask (F) [60]
Mana Flask Mana Regeneration Flask I (C) [7]
Healing Foods Red Berries (L) [4] Berries (L) [1] Potatoes (C) [2] Loaf of Bread (C) [3] Corn (C) [1] Slice of Bread (C) [0]
Standard Flasks Empty Flask (C) [2] Flask of Water (UC) [5]
Enemy Standard Drops Primitive Tool (L) [1] Ruined Bandage (L) [0] Cracked Shell (L) [1] Intact Shell (C) [4] Broken Bat Wings (L) [1] Snapped Spider Legs (L) [1]
Glossy Beetle Wings (UC) [12] Rope (L) [4] Wood Fragments (C) [15] Scaled Skin (UC) [9] Hardened Shell (UC) [7] Lizard Teeth (L) [4]
Young Imp Wings (L) [1] Snapped Trapper Stem (L) [0] Ruby Dust (C) [3] Scratched Ruby (UC) [8] Ruby Stone (R) [18] Sapphire Fragments (C) [4]
Encrusted Shell (R) [12] Small Ember Shard (UC) Forest Tyrimian Bark (C)
Quest Items

[Can not sell quest items]

Empty Flask (Q) Flask of Poison (Q) Iqaris Pijro’s Sword (Q) Doreen’s Necklace (Q) Giant’s Tooth (Q) Current Town Map (Q)
Talisman of Bravery (Q) Necklace of Tyrimian (Q) Pendent of Heroes (Q) Orc Leader’s Head (Q) Note of Invitation (Q) Path of Heroes Entry Key (Q)
Guard’s Sword (Q) Great Elemental Dust (Q) Enchanted Orb (Q) 1286 Half Gold Coin (Q) 1201 Tidal Sovereign Coin (Q) Purple Gemstone (Q)
Maps Outdated Town Map (L) [3]
Ingredients Gludi Flower (R) [10] Wild Mushrooms (L) [1] Forest Wild Soul (C) [2] Vile of Poison (UC) [14] Drewbaum Leaf (UC) [16] Arcane Essence (F) [91]
Greater Wild Soul (F) [97]
Resources Amber Shard (UC) [12] Tyrimian Hardwood (L) [2] Iron Bar (L) [5] Orc Rough Cloth (C) [7] Fine Cotton Thread (UC) [11] Stone Shard (C) [3]
Silver Bar (R) [54] Leather Pelt (R) [28] Silk Thread (R) [28] Mana Crystal (R) [52] Fine Silk Thread (F) [107] Reinforced Leather Pelt (F) [88]
Pure Ruby Stone (F) [129]
Invitations Antiques Invitation (R) [3]
Misc. Pewter Dish (L) [0] Pewter Pot (L) [0] Silver Dish (C) [4] Pewter Cup (L) [1] Memories and Stories Aura (A) [0] Blaze Gem (A) [0]
Magnifying Glass (C) [13]  –
Books The Fires of War I (C) [7] The Fires of War II (C) [15] The Fires of War III (C) [23] Portable Log Book (UC) [0] Explorer’s Journal (C) [4] Group Information Sheet (C) [0]
Guide To Butrinin Hamlet (C) [3] Guide To Deerbarrow Town (C) [9] Vixen’s Truth (R) [38] Guide to the Land of Koroti (C) [18] Guide to Tyrimian Village (C) [6] Guide to the Collector’s Guide (C) [9]
It’s All In The Mind (UC) [33] Memories and Stories (F) [0] Path of Heroes Expertise Guide (C) [0] Paper (L) [0] Copy of Memories and Stories (F) [0] Old Poster (A) [0]
Grandmasters Through Time (R) [88] Hidden Technology Revealed I (F) [167] Guide to Koroti City (C) [13] Nothing to Everything I (C) [3] Nothing to Everything II (C) [11] Nothing to Everything III (C) [19]
Nothing to Everything IV (C) [31] Treasures of our Land (C) [23]
Historical 1278 Gold Coin (R) [21] Professor Firomy’s Page (A) [209]
Drinks Cheap Wine (L) [3] Amber Dew Wine (L) [9] Winter Glow Wine (L) [12] Velvet Crush Wine (L) [15] Evening Star Wine (L) [20] Shades of Summer Wine (L) [23]
Golden Rays Wine (L) [23] Morning Breeze Wine (C) [26] Reflective Eagle Wine (C) [29] White River Wine (C) [29] Crimson Falls Wine (C) [32] Mountain Whisper Wine (C) [39]
Ruby Smooth Wine (C) [40] Autumn Warmth Wine (C) [46] Rich Cream Wine (C) [55] Rainbow Hush Wine (C) [56] Cloudy Skies Wine (C) [58] Rose Mountain Wine (C) [62]
Burning Flame Wine (C) [70] Raging Paw Wine (UC) [72] Night Panther Wine (R) [132] Darkened Violet Elixir (R) [200]
Pattern Drawing Basic Drawing Tools (L) [10] Standard Drawing Tools (UC) [50] Enhanced Drawing Tools (R) [150] Specialised Drawing Tools (F) [250]
Pattern Drawing Creatable Items Wild Mushroom Potions (L) [10] Small Soul Potion (C) [7] Ground Mana Crystal Potion (R) [60] Large Soul Potion (F) [312]