Path of Heroes Trailer Out Now!


Fix V_1.01

If you have a save in a previous version, simply copy (not move) the file into the same location for this new version to receive the features below. If you click HERE you should see a download button at the top for everyone who has already purchased Path of Heroes.

– When the player enters their own house (in Butrinin Hamlet) they are positioned too close to the door to exit without walking up then down. This is no longer needed.
– Shields could be equipped by Knights and Warriors. This is corrected to only allow Warriors to use shields.
– Shield descriptions changed from Heavy Armour to Large Shield.
– Shields now available in the weapons shops and no longer in the armour shops.

– Website updated with Large Shield category added to weapons section and removed from heavy armour section.
– New Weapons and Armour pieces added to website.

New Weapons:

– Shield of Veles (UC)
– Defender Longsword (C)
– Betrayer Wand (C)

New Armour Pieces:

– Fortune Armour (C)
– Protector Robes (C)
– Warrior Armour (C)

After Launch Plans

As you know I chose to launch Path of Heroes. I am now looking at a number of different online stores to also sell it on at the same time. I will announce once Path of Heroes becomes available at other stores.

I will be updating Path of Heroes now it is released, these will be split into two types:


  • Bugs fixes
  • Balance fixes
  • Items/weapons/armour pieces add on (5 – 10 new pieces)

World Updates:

These are to simulate time passing in the game after the release of Path of Heroes, these will include:

  • More end game content
  • More side missions
  • New buildings
  • Path upgrades
  • Map redesigns
  • Items, weapons/armour packs (10+ new pieces)
  • and much more to come later…

Path of Heroes Launch Party

Happy to announce Path of Heroes has finally hit version 1.0. This launch means that the game is available to purchase now from my store page!

I hope you enjoy the tales and secrets to be discovered, the characters you meet along the way with the stories they have to tell. With 105 unique areas to explore, 143 Items, over 100 weapons and armour pieces there is truly a world to explore. That world is the Land of Koroti. Some of which you can view through the screenshots below. Full information and more screenshots can be found on my my store page.

More news to come, but for now the Land of Koroti is yours to explore and discover.